„Mit Politik kann man keine Kultur machen,
aber vielleicht kann man mit Kultur Politik machen“

Theodor Heuss, 1920

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Gudrun Gut

Flashback Show...10 years ago in April 2009 I had a special about the amazing Berlin based musician Gudrun Gut on "Radio Goethe Magazine". I think, her music is timeless, so here it is again.

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Wunderbar Together

With "Wunderbar Together" Germany celebrates its close connections to the United States. And Radio Goethe is part of this celebration, presenting you several music stories that are transatlantic bridges. You can listen to them right here.

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Eisbrecher Interview

Eisbrecher's lead singer Alex Wesselsky talked in Fürth to Radio Goethe reporter Nina Pauler. You can find the interview right here.

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100 German books

The Deutsche Welle has put together a list of 100 German-language books - with an English translation - you should (have) read.

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On Tour

Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke are going to tour in December and January once again throughout the US. Don't miss them, fantastic music and amazing live performers.

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KMFDM Wants YOUR Vote!

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Das Ich on tour

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U.D.O on tour

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Eisbrecher are back with a new album called "Sturmfahrt". It will be released in the US and Canada once again on Metropolis Records. I have talked to singer Alex Wesselsky about the album and much more, you can find the interview (in German) right here:

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Alphaville are touring the US.

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