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Radio Goethe Podcast 01-20-2012

And One: Back Home (Berlin Mix)

Northern Lite: Raise the dead

Egotronic: Was solls

ZipTone: Your ghost

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters: Gift horse’s mouth

Carlos Peron: La salle blanche

Carlos Peron: Mamon, der Geiz

Carlos Peron: Skeletor’s thumbscrews

Carlos Peron: La sale violette

Carlos Peron: Les salles

Radio Goethe Podcast 01-13-2012

Infamis: Ganz großes Kino

Infamis: Hofgang

Black Rust: Broken Home

K.C. McKanzie: Dryland

The Crystalairs: Bald zieht er seinen Colt

Cow: Travelling the long road home

Smokestack Lightnin’: Carter Cain

The Boss Hoss: Liberty of action

The Boss Hoss: Stallion Battalion

The Boss Hoss feat. Gunter Gabriel: Heroes

The Boss Hoss: My country

The Boss Hoss: My way

The Boss Hoss: Word up

The Boss Hoss: Go! Go! Go!

The Boss Hoss: I keep on dancing

Radio Goethe Podcast 01-06-2012

Captain Capa: Faraday

Blind Passenger: Electrocop

D.A.F.: Das letzte mal

Liaisons Dangereuses: Los ninos del parque

Yello: Bostich

Laibach: Leben heißt Leben 

Warren Suicide: Hollywood yourself

Roterfeld: Don’t be afraid of the dark

The Bianca Story: Afraid of the world

2nd Moon: Underground

ZipTone: Alone

Crowdpleaser: Jonx

Megaherz: Heut’ Nacht