Klangwerk on KKUP 04-07-23

Penelope Trappes: Obsidian

Tegh & Adel Poursamadi: Remember

Aho Ssan: Amina

Kaosmos: Düş

Elif Yalvac: The View That Was You

Hüma Utku: Vast Fields of Light

Drew McDowall, Via App: Sensate Scans

Rojin Sharafi: Havār

KMRU: In Life

Sinemis: It's Not Fate, It's You

Fellborn: Meenacloy

Ozmotic/Fennesz: Floating time

Philip Jeck: Called in

Craven Faults: Odda Delf

Ted Reichman: American Dream

Martina Bertoni: Inversion

Eliane Radigue: Chry-Ptus

Kali Malone: Spectacle of ritual

Kali Malone: Litanic Cloth Wrung

Sarah Davachi: Live in San Francisco 2018

Claire M. Singer: The Molendinar

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