FAUST: Freispiel

Faust, the legendary Krautrock band, is back. In their 31st year they are releasing a remix album, proving once again their importance to the international music scene. The new album consists of a series of remixes primarily from Faust's spectacular masterpiece Ravvivando (1999). Take your time listening to it, and you will get lost in these amazing soundscapes. Musical borders and limits do not exist in the fantastic sound world of Faust. Each song breaks beyond traditional music standards and expectations, from the "Residents" to the almost dance tunes of the "Sofa Surfers" and "Soft Cell" to the total deconstruction of "Funkstörung". And you will fall in love with the remix of "Du weißt schon" performed by "Voices on Air". Faust Freispiel shows Faust in a complete new framework. This album, like others from Faust, will be a treasure for every collector. The participating bands and musicians uniquely demonstrate the important role that Faust has had on their work and on other musicians around the world. Faust music comes from everyday life - on the subway, in street cafes, on the radio, under water, on a construction site. It is the creation of soundscapes, piece by piece, sound by sound. So the unlimited world around us is both the laboratory and the stage for this outstanding German band.

Label: Klangbad

Band-Homepage: www.freispiel.com

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