The wisdom in a cartoon

Sometimes I'm asked what interview I liked the most. That is difficult to say, because each one is different. Politics and Culture, Current Events... personal, deep, engaging conversations next to humorous, interesting and amazing ones. I met people that wanted to talk, some just hold back and others took their time to finally open up.

One of the most beautiful interviews was for sure with Charles Schulz, the father of the Peanuts. I visited him in his house in Santa Rosa. I didn't really expect to get this interview. Charles Schulz was sitting in his office and drew, like every day. This meeting happened shortly before he was diagonsed with cancer and retired from drawing the daily cartoon. Schulz talked and answered my questions, he was open and friendly, interested in my work as well.

The Peanuts have been with me all my life. Charles Schulz was able with his small pictures - over and over again - to describe the world (to me). Pictures like this one here.


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