Eisbrecher on a big journey

Great show, great audience, great sound and frontman Alex Wesselsky was enjoying every minute of it. He is finally there, where he always wanted to be. It is his music and his time. Eisbrecher are in demand and cruising full speed through the waters they have swirled up all over the Republic in the past few years.

The new CD ist amazing and the fans got a mix of all the Eisbrecher albums. And even the Megaherz classic “Miststück” was an encore to the shock of the parents that came along with their youngsters.

After the concert I had a chat with Alex. USA...of course. Yes, it’s time to get the Eisbrecher over the Atlantic and to American and Canadian ports. The foundation has been laid. A couple of years ago it was all about finding a label, but with Metropolis Records a great musical harbor for the Captain and his crew has been found. The sales are good and the demand for German language music is there to finally set sails for the other side of the big pond. It’s getting cold, America!!!

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