Doro Pesch

Germany's Rock Queen on the phone, relaxed, friendly, nice, a chat between two people remembering the early 80s. The first meeting was at the Bavaria Film studios. Meeting is a bit overstated, Doro was there with her band Warlock for a video taping. I was on a school outing with my classmates...our paths crossed. I remember that, she doesn't....what a surprise, since I had such a great mullet at that time! Nope, no pictures exist!!!

Doro's new album will be released in October. Her new EP is already out, called "Raise your fist in the air". Doro is still after all those years the power woman. She rocks, she screams, she hammers all the way, to come around the next moment with a beautiful ballad. Her upcoming tour starts at the end of the year in Europe, before coming across the big pond to North America in early 2013. The interview with her is taped, you will hear very soon a Doro special on Radio Goethe.

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