Wunderbar together

Neue Deutsche Welle

Trio, Nena, Peter Schilling and Falco are well known in the US. They were "one hit wonders" over here, but quite successful in the German speaking countries and part of the "Neue Deutsche Welle", a musical melting pot, that dominated the charts between 1979 and 1984.

What united all these musicians and bands was their German lyrics. Next to that, everything was possible. It was a goldrush time for the German record industry, they released everything that was somehow hearable, fitting and fast-selling. Much of it was watered down pop music, but if you take the time to listen in to all these different bands and musicians, this was a great, deep, diverse and, yes, challenging music time in Germany.

On top of that, the "Neue Deutsche Welle" allowed with its wide and open spectrum lots of bands to be heard, that might have had no chance to be ever released. Many of those bands are still with me today. The importance of NDW can also be seen - and heard - by new bands that cover these modern evergreens. This "Wunderbar Together" story is about an era in the German and German language music scene that became very important in retrospective. If you're interested in all its diversity, you should look into the recently released four part CD series by Bear Family Records.