Wunderbar together


Krautrock is a phenomenon, that is recognized worldwide and that had a huge impact on different music scenes. This term describes bands and musicians from Germany, which have released music between 1969 and 1979. Krautrock was not a homogeneous genre, rather a melting pot for things that boiled around Germany.

When I started with Radio Goethe in 1996 on the College radio station KUSF in San Francisco, I used a handful of CDs, I brought over from Germany and records in the vast music archive of the station. And there I found first of all bands, that are considered Krautrock, like Faust, Kraftwerk, CAN and others. College and Community stations throughout the US and Canada have been appreciating these kinds of German sounds for decades. Sometimes weird, sometimes challenging, sometimes wide open for lots of different influences and ideas, those musicians created something very unique in a rebellious and political decade. This is the Krautrock chapter in our "Wunderbar Together" series.