Wunderbar together

Berlin Music City

Berlin, the music city. When Germany was still divided, the major record labels had their headquarters in Hamburg, Cologne or Munich. Berlin was the city of the underground music scene, of independent labels, the city at the pulse of time. The island Berlin was a draw for musicians like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, NIck Cave, Mike Batt, Hugo Race and many others, who came to Berlin to live and work there, to get inspired by the city surrounded by a wall. Something was happening there, what wasn't possible or even thinkable in other parts of West-Germany.

Berlin is still the music city of Germany. The major labels have moved there, every evening (if the virus doesn't bring everything to a standstill) the fan of live music has the agony of choice. Berlin combines all genres and ideas. Still Berlin is a centre point. In this "Wunderbar Together" chapter about “Berlin Music City” you will hear Rene Schwettge (Infamis), Norry (Corvus Corax/Berlinski Beat), Bernadette La Hengst, Gudrun Gut and Danielle de Picciotto and of course lots of music from Berlin.