Live Show on KKUP - 09-04-2020

Gut und Irmler: Auf und Ab

Bell, Irmler, Liebezeit, Lippok: The Thrower

Discolor: A.R.T.

Hackedepicciotto: The Seventh Day

Harmonious Thelonious: Young Kong

Tolouse Low Trax: The Incomprehensible Image

Einstürzende Neubauten: Grazer Damm

Fennesz: In my room

Hüma Utku/R.A.N.: Sabah

Claire M. Singer: A different place

Anna von Hausswolff: Persefone

Oberlin: Divide

Sky Burial: The Forcing Season: Further Acts of Severance II

Nocturnerror: Blue Cycle

Nocturnerror: In Silence, In Which Things Abandon Each Other

øjeRum: Millions of moon strings vibrate as the animals sing

Allesandro Cortini: Sabbia

Eleh: Tape Mix 2

mHz: y = sin (1/x)

mHz: y = log (x)

Mika Vainio/Joachim Nordwall: Praseodymium

David First: The consumption of right and wrong / Scene 10

Klaus Schulze: Totem

Bernd Kistenmacher: The end of the record