Live Show on KKUP - 05-07-2021

IHVH: Heat Rhythm

Craig Leon: Donkeys bearing cups

Lawrence English: Organs lost at sea

Kentaro Hayashi: Gargouille

Kagami Smile: Part of your breath leaves without a trace

Markus Guentner: Hansha

Claire M. Singer: Forrig

Matt Emery: Anxiety mist

Prologue: Fields

Eleh: Operating position

Zann: Stalker II

Steve Valentin: Leak

Steve Valentin: The Hangup

Anthony Linell: Path of devotion

Anthony Linell: Being water

Geneva Skeen: The clap of the fading-out sound of your shoes

Bernd Kistenmacher: Cassandra’s Dance

Klaus Schulze: The other Oberhausen tape

Heldon: Toward the red line