Klangwerk on KKUP 03-01-2024

Suzanne Ciani: Improvisation of four sequences at festival Antigel - Stereo Mix

Suzanne Ciani: Concert at WBAI Free Music Store

Suzanne Ciani: Glass Houses

Suzanne Ciani, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: A new day

Suzanne Ciani: Part 1 - out of the ocean

Kali Malone: Fastened Maze

Reinhold Friedl & Dirk Dresselhaus: Past 1

Klaus Schulze: The machinery of night

Klaus Schulze: Träume ich?

Klaus Schulze: Leaves of grass

Klaus Schulze: Peyote poem

Klaus Schulze: No funky blues

Boris Blank: North of Eden

Musique Infinie: Creation

Musique Infinie: Destruction

Simina Oprescu: Sound of matter I

Siavash Amini & Eugene Thacker: Obsidian Sorrows

Oberlin: Laudanum I

Ben Frost: 1993

Ben Frost: The river of light and radiation