Klangwerk on KKUP 02-02-2024

Boris Blank: Vertigo Heroes

Boris Blank: Resonance

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard: Colliding bubbles

BJ Nielsen: Gradient

Madeleine Cocolas: Bodies I

Ketev: Golgotha

C.Diab: The excuse of fiction

Kreidler: Polaris

Annie Aries: Abyss

The Allegorist: Blind Emperor

Vanity Productions: Terrace House

Ian Wellman: The night the stars fell

strom|morts: Unchartered basement

Diledadafish: Part Seven of a Spanish TV show

The Residents: Walter Westinghouse

David Wallraf: In nightmares screened by algorithms

Reinhold Friedl: Gestade

Ben Glas: Fugal State

Point of Memory: Pro Dread

Klaus Lang: Not one and not two

Steve Reich: Six Pianos