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Radio Goethe Podcast 01-13-2012

Infamis: Ganz großes Kino

Infamis: Hofgang

Black Rust: Broken Home

K.C. McKanzie: Dryland

The Crystalairs: Bald zieht er seinen Colt

Cow: Travelling the long road home

Smokestack Lightnin’: Carter Cain

The Boss Hoss: Liberty of action

The Boss Hoss: Stallion Battalion

The Boss Hoss feat. Gunter Gabriel: Heroes

The Boss Hoss: My country

The Boss Hoss: My way

The Boss Hoss: Word up

The Boss Hoss: Go! Go! Go!

The Boss Hoss: I keep on dancing

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Comment by Christian | 2012-02-07


It has been some time since I listened to your show, but I had to write you to tell you how much I enjoyed this country-western episode! The BossHoss' cover of "Mein Land" was amazing, and possibly better than the original! Their style and English lyrics were very evocative and brought the song alive for me. I find Germany's fascination with the Old American West so interesting! I look forward to listening to you again regularly. Keep up the good work!