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Live Show on KKUP - 08-26-2018

Tangerine Dream: Sensing elements

Sølyst: Autumn

Cindytalk: In search of new realities

Aynur: Heseniko

Dirtmusic: Go the distance

Long Distance Operators: Immortality

Anna von Hausswolff: The mysterious vanishing of Electra

Ipek Gorgun: Tserin Dopchut

Zrsha/Melentini: Asana/Metamorphosis

Solveig Matthildur: Unexplained Miseries I

Snow Palms: Origin and Echo

Mika Vainio: Cargo


Ben Frost: Nolan

Strafe F.R. Preppers’ home

Gas: Rausch ohne Namen

Biosphere: Well and purpose

Mark van Horn: Aether

Ekin Fit: Let go

The dwarfs of east Agoura: Rats don’t eat synthesizers

Hawniyaz: Rewend

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