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The Steel Wheels: Breaking like the sun (CD Baby)

Andra Suchy: Little heart (Red House Records)

Coyote Grace: Man in the moon (Mile after Mile Records)

Emma Black: Last time love (Cornflower Records)

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer: Golden grey (CD Baby)

Lynda Kay: Coal Man (CD Baby)

Peter Mulvey: Are you sure? (Signature Sounds)

Adam James Sorensen: With your radio on (CD Baby)

Sheb Wooley: Hoot Owl Boogie (Bear Family Records)

Johnny Cash: Give my love to Rose (Bear Familiy Records)

Joe Henry: Odetta (Anti)

Drew Nelson: Promised land (Red House Records)

Dale Murray: Dream Mountain Dream (Come Undone Records)

Bananafishbones: I love Country Music (Bergbeat/Südpol)

Nearly Beloved: Where’s Bob? (Attaboy Records)

Lonesome Sisters: Peachtree (Tin Halo Music)

Chris Jones: What you do (Rebel Records)

Chasing Summer: I want you (CD Baby)

Levon Helm: Poor old dirt farmer (Vanguard)

Earl Scruggs: Earl’s breakdown (Palm)

Duane Eddy: I want some lovin’ Baby (Bear Family Records)

Duane Eddy: The girl on Death Row (Bear Family Records) Lee Hazelwood

Mary Ann Kennedy: This love of horses (Tonka Records)

Evie Ladin Band: Got you on my mind (Evil Diane Music)

Mike & Ruthy: My New York City (Humble Abode Music)

Tara Stonecipher: Dogs (CD Baby)

Caroline Doctorow: Way out West (Narrow Lane Records)

Bonnie Guitar: Maybe (Bear Family Records)

Sandra McCracken: Long way home (Towhee Records)

Lindsey Ryan: The divers (CD Baby)

Hillary Reynolds Band: When I’m dreaming (CD Baby)

Pete Seeger: Summertime (Smithsonian Folkways)

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