2012-11-08 // 16:47

Radio Goethe turns 16

I moved to San Francisco in August of 1996, already in November I had my own show on KUSF San Francisco. In the beginning Saturday mornings from 10-11 and I hosted it in German. Today Radio Goethe is on dozens of stations. I wouldn't have believed it way back, that there is a demand for German and Swiss and Austrian music abroad and that a show, not strictly formatted, is well received worldwide.

Thank You to all that tuned in over the years, some more, some less. And Thank You to all the bands, musicians and labels that supported Radio Goethe over the years. There are so many special people I met over the years. I had great conversations with music fans and enthusiasts, very deep and interesting interviews and of course I found so much amazing music. Thank You!!!

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