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Radio Goethe

Friday, 10 February
A sound & image matinée dedicated to the recent history of German popular music. With the renowned musicologist Arndt PELTNER.

Germany has experienced an unprecedented development in contemporary music over the last 40 years. Yet only a few people are capable of giving a survey of this vast variety of many dozens of styles and currents active at the moment. We'll receive an astonishing insight into the development of German music from KRAFTWERK until today, touching all the important styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s to contemporary music: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal Industrial, "Noise", Electronica, Hip Hop, "Neue Deutsche Welle" (NDW), "Mittelalter- Musik" ("medieval" music/"Medieval Metal"), EBM (Electronic Body Music), Dark Wave, Gothic… only to mention a few. 
The radio and newspaper journalist Arndt PELTNER is the founder, producer and host of RADIO GOETHE, a music show on 40 stations in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark, Poland, Ireland and Germany. PELTNER was also the producer of the news magazine show called RADIO GOETHE MAGAZINE for a decade. In June PELTNER will direct a workshop on the creative way of producing radio features, live broadcasts and community radio. His presentation on February 10 will also serve as a teaser for this future masterclass. In cooperation with the University Center for Arts and Drama/NUR, Butare. 

Location: UCAD/NUR & University Radio Salus, BUTARE
Participation free


Friday, 10 February at 10 p.m.
A dance and sound space from Germany right in Rwanda's academic heartlands

It's for sure the most energetic night club in Rwanda's southern hemisphere, the SPACE PLACE with just the right "underground feel" ready for a high energy night with a special DJ… from SAN FRANCISCO ! Arndt PELTNER will be spinning the discs, hopefully some of them will be still usable the next morning… Starting with sounds from our grandfather' s dance parties, PELTNER makes you feel the difference between old sailor's hits from Hamburg's red light district and contemporary Electric sound from Berlin, Cologne or Munich: Rock, Pop, Electronica, Hip Hop... Nothing about modern German music will be kept secret. Spontaneous and direct sounds and lyrics: as Germany likes it. In cooperation with the University Center for Arts and Drama/NUR, Butare.

Location: SPACE PLACE, Butare
Entrance free

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