Playlists for the Lufthansa Inflight program "Country/Folk/Americana"

2014-03-02 // 12:28

Lufthansa Playlist 05-08 2014

Heated Land: Rye Fields (KF Records)

Black Rust: Everything’s Fading (Strange Ways Records)

Pete Seeger: Gypsy Davy (Smithsonian Folkways)

Pete Seeger: We Shall Overcome (Smithsonian Folkways)

George Jones: San Antonio Rose (Bear Family Records)

Ralph Stanley & Ralph Stanley II: Wild Bill Jones (Rebel Records)

Ian Fisher & The Present: Change Of Heart (Seayou Records)

Eliza Gilkyson: Midnight Oil (Red House Records)

Desiree Klaeukens: Züge (Tapete Records)

Rosanne Cash: World Of Strange Design (Blue Note Records)

Eastwick: I’m Here (CD Baby)

Chris Eckman: Nothing To Hate (Glitterhouse Records)

Rykarda Parasol: Greeting From Kiev (Pomaton Records)

Claudia Schmidt: Already (Red House Records)

Stefania Kaye: Pioneer (CD Baby)

Solander: The Woods Are Gone (TVR)

Gregor McEwan: Try To Write A Song Like This (Rough Trade)

Ski’s Country Trash: Roadstop In Hell (Cow Core Cowboy Records)

The Bosshoss: My Personal Song (Universal)

Steve Earle: 21st Century Blues (New West Records)

Sofia Ekberg: Så nära (Sofek13)

John Gorka: Bright Side Of Down (Red House Records)

Lewi Longmire with the Portland Country Underground: Still Doing Time (Deer Lodge)

Bush Prairie: Tennessee Whiskey (Deer Lodge)

Annika Fehling: With Me (Good for you music)

The Funnyounguys: Stayin’ Weightless (Timezone)

Dave van Ronk: House Of The Rising Sun (Smithsonian Folkways)

Driftwood: High School Paycheck (CD Baby)

Miss Tess & The Talkbacks: The Alabama Waltz (Signature Sounds)

Tom T. Hall: Ballad Of Forty Dollars (Bear Family Records)

2013-11-05 // 01:00

Lufthansa Playlist 01-04 2014

Rafe Pearlman & Jonathan Plum: Sweep Up The Stars ( London Tone Records)

Ruth Moody: Trouble And Woe (Red House Records)

Scott Cook: Pass It Along (CD Baby)

Brother Sun: Lady Of The Harbor (Brother Sun Music)

Sara Petite: Circus Comes To Town (CD Baby)

Kristina Stykos: Highway Marker 9 (Thunder Ridge Records)

Merle Haggard: The Fugitive (Bear Family Records)

Johnny Cash: Sunday Morning Coming Down (Bear Family Records)

Terry Lee Hale: Long Draw (Glitterhouse Records)

Sons of Perdition: Strangers In The Desert (Grave Wax Records)

The Deep Dark Woods: East St. Louis (Sugar Hill)

Sabrina Ascacibar: Bill & Eve (Bear Family Records)

Wingenfelder: Zu Wahr Um Schön Zu Sein (Tag 7)

Golden Kanine: Plans (Glitterhouse Records)

Junior Sisk & Joe Mullins: Wild Mountain Honey (Rebel Records)

Dorsey Dixon: Babies In The Mill (Bear Family Records)

Tom Russell: Goodnight, Juarez (Frontera Records)

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: The Sky Above And The Mud Below (Hightone Records)

Townes van Zandt: No Lonesome Tune (Tomato Records)

Bob Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man (Columbia)

Sixteen Horsepower: Splinters (Glitterhouse Records)

Calexico: Drag Storm Around (Quarterstick Records)

Infamis: Ein Weiterer Tag (Wenders Music)

Willy Nelson: On The Road Again (Columbia)

Steve Earle: Goodbye (Shout Factory)

Steve Earle: I Still Carry You Around (Shout Factory)

Woody Guthrie: Vigilante Man (Smithsonian Folkways)

2013-09-05 // 06:20

Lufthansa Playlist 11/12-2013

Townes van Zandt: Lost Highway (Trikont)

Bedlam Rovers: Lonesome Whistle (Trikont)

Old Man Luedecke: Kingdom Come (True North Records)

Rupa & The April Fishes: Build (Electric Gumbo Radio Music)

Annika Fehling: Fireflies ( Good for your Music)

Jay Munly: My Darling Sambo (Smooch Records)

Munly & The Lupercalians: Petr (Alternative Tentacles)

Alex Di Reto: Rosalee (CD Baby)

Heather Maloney: Iron Bull (Signature Sounds)

Angus & Julia Stone: Hold On (Nettwerk)

Mavis Staples: Every Step (Anti)

Mavis Staples: Eyes On The Prize (Anti)

Oh My Darling: La Valse D’Evelina (100Nons)

Buddy Mondlock:  Stone In My Pocket (Sparking Gap)

Bruce Cockburn: The Iris Of The World (True North Records)

No Snakes in Heaven: Going Home (BSC)

Catherine Maclellan: Keep On Fighting (True North Records)

Woody Guthrie: Talking  Dust Bowl (Smithsonian Folkways)

The Adcock Family: Shady Grove (Dust to Digital)

The Kingston Trio: Coast Of California (Bear Family Records)

The Dixon Brothers: Anywhere Is Home (Bear Family Records)

Chris Jones & The Night Drivers: If That Was Love (Rebel Records)

Madison Violet: The Ransom (True North Records)

Niall Rainey: Just Give Me Time (Rainey Recordings)

Lauren Lapointe: The Ghost Of Elvis (CD Baby)

Caroline Doctorow: I’ll Outrun You Bye and Bye (Narrow Lane Records)

The Coals: Let Me Down Easy (CD Baby)

Joykill  Sorrow: Was It You (Signature Sounds)

The Wailin’ Jennys: Swing Low Sail High (True North Records)

Bill Bourne: Scent Of The Bloom (Linus)

Haymaker: Without you (Honey Bucket Records)


2013-07-02 // 05:09

Lufthansa Playlist 09/10-2013

Smokestack Lightnin’: Swamp Country (Cargo Records)

Rykarda Parasol: The Cloak Of Comedy (EMI)

Christina Martin: Falling for you (Come Undone Records)

Carrie Wade: American Boys (CD Baby)

The Steel Wheels: Walk Away (CD Baby)

Don Rigsby: The Mountain Doctor (Rebel Records)

Aaron Benson: Powwow-Song (Tribal Spirit Music)

The Sad Bastard Book Club: It’s Touching Moments (CD Baby)

Sam Lee: The Ballad Of George Collins (India Records)

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots: Old Service Road (Alternative Tentacles Records)

Phil Lee: Every Time (Palookaville)

Ken Colyer: Take This Hammer (Bear Family Records)

Alexis Korner Skiffle Group: I Ain’t Gonna Worry No More (Bear Family Records)

Tarantella: Elder Tree (Alternative Tentactles)

Karyn Oliver: Magdalene (Buxom County Records)

T Ferrell: Gitane Creek (Trace Records)

Tom Kell & Emiko Woods: Too High (CD Baby)

Red Molly: Ghost (CD Baby)

Joan Baez: Here’s To You (EMI)

Christian Williams: Charlie And His Case (Steam Tractions)

Victoria Vox: Let It Go (Obus Music)

Salter Cane: Black Swollen River (CD Baby)

Lloyd Cole: Silver Lake (Tapete Records)

Susan James: Wandering (SJM)

Big Country Bluegrass: I’m Putting On My Leaving Shoes (Rebel Records)

Calexico: Prison On Route 41 (Overcoat Recordings)

Lilium: Right Where you Are (Glitterhouse Records)

Pi Jacobs: Anything (ThatCrazyChick Music)

Halleyanna: The Letter (CD Baby)

Casey Weston: Heart Don’t Fail Me Now (CD Baby)

Moonsville Collective: In My Mind (Moonsville Records)

Etta Baker: One Dime Blues (Rounder Records)

2013-05-09 // 22:49

Lufthansa Playlist 07/08-2013

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: This Is How we Do Things In The Country (Glitterhouse)

16 Horsepower: American Wheeze (Glitterhouse)

The New American Farmers: Everywhere (CD Baby)

Steve Earle & The Dukes (And Duchesses): The Low Highway

Annie Keating: Storm Warning (Grapevine Music)

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (Silent City Records)

Mikael Persson: Some 50 Roads (Paraply Records)

Langhorne Slim & The Law: The Way We Move (Ramseur Records)

Bart Budwig: Whisky Girl (Wolly Records)

St. Stephen: Hope Fiend (Micropal Records)

Lestat Vermon: Into The Woods (K&F Records)

Infamis: Ihr (Wenders Music)

Dead Fingers: 4 Stone Coaches (Big Legal Mess Records)

The Bills: Hallowed Hall (Red House Records)

The F. Buckaroos: Hatchet’s Wife (Faxon Records)

Trampled By Turtles: Codeine (Banjo Dad Records)

Wanigan: Firefly (CD Baby)

Walter Rootsie And His Blue Connection: Motel Dakota (WRAF Records)

The Brain Cloud: I Ain’t Got Nobody (Triple Treble Music)

Jalan Crossland: Portrait Of A Fish (Boom Chicken Records)

Markus Rill: Edge Of Nothing (BlueRoseRecords)

Audrey Auld: Bolinas (Reckless Records)

The Milk Carton Kids: Promised Land (Anti Records)

Ricky Nelson: Lonesome Town (Bear Family Records)

Gus Backus: Da Sprach Der Alte Häuptling Der Indianer (Bear Family Records)

Melissa Greener: With The Weather (Anima Records)

Heidi Happy: Now (Two Gentlemen)

Christina Lux: Embrace (Prudence Recordings)

Torpus & The Art Directors: The Leaving (Grand Hotel Van Cleef Records)

Brad Cole: Cry Cry Cry (CD Baby)

Thos Henley: In Hearing Taste (KF Records)

2013-03-05 // 16:26

Lufthansa Playlist 05/06-2013

Jeff Zentner: Fire in my bones (Cities of the plain records)

The Soft Hills: Riding High (Tapete Records)

The Easy Leaves: Keep it country (Omega Records)

Hank Davis: Trying to get to you (Bear Family Records)

Red Sovine: Okey Dokey (Bear Family Records)

Greg Brown: The train carrying Jimmie Rodgers home (Red House Records)

Pat Green: Jesus on a greyhound (Sugar  Hill)

Uncle Kracker: I’d be there (Vanguard)

The Desoto Caucus: Fire sale (Glitterhouse Records)

Dale Watson: I lie when I drink (Red House Records)

Billy Brown: High Heels but no soul (Bear Family Records)

The Walkabouts: The light will stay on (Glitterhouse Records)

Joan Baez: With god on our side (Vanguard)

Bob Cheevers: North of Baton Rouge (Back 9 Records)

Bufod Pope: Brothers of mine (Unchained)

Jeff Black: Alice Carry (Lotos Nile Music)

Kasey Chambers: Wreck and ruin (Sugar Hill)

Billy White, Jr.: Don’t leave me standing here (Ayemaydah Records)

Don Williams: Better than today (Sugar Hill)

Sky Country: Forever Young (4thStreetRecords)

Joey + Rory: Josephine (Vanguard)

Eddie Noack: Please Mr. Postman (Bear Family Records)

Eddie Noack: Love’s other face (Bear Family Records)

Susan Kane: Buffalo Jump (CD Baby)

Eva Hillered: Singing tree (Hillsongs)

Cold Chocolate: Tell that tale (CD Baby)

Chris Eckman: Who will light your path? (Glitterhouse Records)

Calexico: When only the ashes are left (14 Stick Records)

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: The sky above and the mud below (HightTone Records)

2013-01-08 // 13:16

Lufthansa Playlist 03/04-2013

Dodgy Mountain Men: Down that road (CDBaby)

Robert Hill: Against the law ( CDBaby)

Townes van Zandt: Fraulein (Tomato Records)

Townes van Zandt: Tecumseh Valley (Poppy Records)

Luke Powers: Trainssong (Phoebe Claire)

Nowhere Train: Nowhere Train (Ink Music)

Infamis: Weiterer Tag (Wenders Music)

Die höchste Eisenbahn: Vergangenheit (Tapete Records)

Robert Dennis: Early One Foggy Morning (Dust to Digital)

Ella Mae Wilson, L. Williams, R. Williams: Do, Lord, Remember me (Dust to Digital)

Nelson Wright: Red Wing (Fetching Grace Music)

Sean Rowe: The ballad of Buttermilk Falls (Anti)

Shea Michaels: Cold Beer (CDBaby)

Mary Gauthier: Our lady of the shooting stars (Proper Records)

Dead Horses: I lay awake (CD Baby)

Steven Michael Johnson: Shadow of the sun (CDBaby)

Reza: Love goes on minus two (French Toast)

Jambo: Try (Got the Blues Music)

Hat Check Girl: The other road (Waterbug)

Forest Sun: Nostalgic Bells (Painted Sun)

Beth Orton: Magpie (Anti)

Dale Boyle: You might come around (Factor)

Kathy Mattea: Far cry (Sugar Hill)

Mindy Smith: Come to Jesus (Vanguard)

The Coal Porters: Never right his wrong (Prima Records)

Kelly Hogan: Golden (Anti)

Bill Staines: Shady Grove (Red House Records)

Peter Ostroushko: Lantern in the ditch (Red House Records)

The Boss Hoss: Heroes (Universal)

Axel Wolph: Johnny & Mary ( Schoenwetter)

2012-10-20 // 17:49

Lufthansa Playlist 01/02-2013

Nels Andrews: Tridents (CD Baby/BMI)

Caitlin Canty: Still here (Silver Giblet)

Cindy G: The road (Blue Road Records)

Vanessa Peters: The state I’m living in (CD Baby/BMI)

Jimmie Skinner: Doin’ my time (Bear Family Records)

Anita Carter: Ring of fire (Bear Family Records)

Astro Grass: The colored pencil factory (Smoggy Borough Records)

Northern Magnolia: Missouri (CD Baby/Ascap)

Jesse Terry: Wishful Thinking (Jackson Beach Music)

Wovenhand: The laughing stock (Glitterhouse Records)

Nils Koppruch: Den Teufel tun (V2 Records)

Friend of all the world: At home on the sea (CD Baby)

The Bailes Brothers: Building on the sand (Bear Family Records)

The Bailes Brothers: Crying over you (Bear Family Records)

Ralph Stanley: Clinch Mountain Backstep (Rebel Records)

Tony Zamora & Tremoloco: Claudine (Casa Julia Records)

Chris Jones & The Night Drivers: Wolf Creek Pass (Rebel Records)

Elizabeth Mitchell: Froggie went A-Courtin’ (Smithsonian Folkways)

The Crooked Jades: Write me a letter (Jade Note Music)

Sumner Brothers: Going out West (CD Baby)

Jean Shepard: Two hoops and a holler (Bear Family Records)

Rose Maddox: Take me back again (Bear Family Records)

Front Porch String Band: Hard Times (Rebel Records)

Joe Mullins: Bottom of a mountain (Rebel Records)

Tony Denikos: No way home (CD Baby)

Porter Wagoner: Who knows right from wrong (Anti Records)

Dolly Parton: Stairway to heaven (Sugar Hill)

Townes van Zandt: The hole (Sugar Hill)

Storyhill: Lay down your weary tune (Red House Records)

Pete Seeger: Jay Gould’s Daughter (Smithsonian Folkways)


2012-08-24 // 16:57

Lufthansa Playlist 11/12-2012

Richie Lawrence: Maybe you and me (Big Book Records)

Kiki Ebsen: Walk with me (Painted Pony)

Lucy Kaplansky: Scavenger (Red House Records)

Burton Jespersen: Any Road (Dog Soldier Press)

Brandl, Schmitt & Band: Great Western Blues (B.T.M.)

Willie Nelson: Always on my mind (Shout Factory)

Woody Guthrie: This land is your land (Smithsonian Folkways)

Woody Guthrie: So long, it’s been good to know you (Smithsonian Folkways)

Bobtown: One public enemy (Bobtown Recordings)

Ski King: Ain’t no grave ( Rodeostar)

Caroline Herring: Camilla (Signature Sounds)

My Darling Clementine: Reserved for me and you (Five Head)

Myrna Lorrie: You bet I kissed him (Bear Family Records)

Mimi Roman: I’m ready if you’re willing (Bear Family Records)

Lonesome Sisters & Riley Baugus: House carpenter (Tin Halo Music)

Hungrytown: Just like a song (Listen here! Records)

Paul Williams & The Victory Trio: He’ll calm the troubled waters (Rebel Records)

Gideon’s Daughter: Hidden Truth (CD Baby)

Andrea Schroeder: Dark Nightingales (Glitterhouse Records)

The Late Call: Pale Morning Light (Tapete Records)

The Dixon Brothers: Answer to Maple on the hill (Bear Family Records)

The Dixon Brothers: Bootlegger’s Story (Bear Family Records)

Audrey Auld: Woody ( CD Baby)

Lowlands & Friends: Heaven my home (Gypsy Child Records)

Robin & Linda Williams: Lonesome (Red House Records)

The Dust Busters: Black Jack Daisy (Smithsonian Folkways)

Stephen Wade: Train 45 (Smithsonian Folkways)

Spain: Without a sound (Glitterhouse Records)

Adele & Glenn: Happiness (Glitterhouse Records)

Kati Mac: The wheel goes round (Baby Munsta Records)

Wovenhand: Speaking hands (Glitterhouse Records)

Merle Haggard: What I hate (Vanguard)

Jeff Larson: One good lie (Red Bell Recordings)


2012-07-10 // 17:33

Lufthansa Playlist 09/10-2012

Mary Gauthier: Mercy Now 2012 (Lost Highway)

Kate Campbell: Alabama Dept. of Corrections Meditation Blues (Large River Music)

Alex: Prison Blues (Rounder Records)

Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison Blues (Legacy)

Johnny Cash: Man in Black (Columbia)

The Hard Road Trio: Family Secrets (Desert Night)

Stan Ridgway: Mr. Trouble (A440 Records)

Rachel Harrington: Makin’ our house a Honkytonk (Skinny Dennis Records)

Dick Damron: Countrified (Bear Family Records)

Ski’s Country Trash: Remedy (Rodeostar Records)

Nive Nielsen: Room (Glitterhouse Records)

Chris Smither: All we need to know (Homunculus Music)

Matt Keating: Nobody’s talkin’ (Sojourn Records)

Stephen David Austin: Back to Bakersfield (CD Baby)

I see Hawks in L.A.: Bohemian Highway (Western Seeds Records)

Jenai Huff: Brother Warrior (CD Baby)

Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons: Say what you will (Wrong Reasons Records)

Christina Martin: This kind of pain (Come Undone Records)

Downtown Ramblers: Singing with the birds (DTR)

Glen Hansard: You will become (Anti)

Tom Kell: Texas on the 4th of July (17 Degrees)

Waz e James: Noisy Trucks (Gravel Road Records)

Kyle Carey: Virginia (CD Baby)

Wilco: Black moon (Anti)

Fabrizio Cammarata & The Second Grace: Down Down (Groove Attack)

William Elliott Whitmore: Field song (Anti)

Oh my Darling: Anna K (Manitoba Music)

Trampled by Turtles: Midnight on the Interstate (Banjodad Records)

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem: Fall River (Signature Sounds)

Dave Carter & Tracey Grammer: Amazon (Red House Records)

Bill Evans: Dakota (Native & Fine Records) 

2012-05-07 // 15:26


The Steel Wheels: Breaking like the sun (CD Baby)

Andra Suchy: Little heart (Red House Records)

Coyote Grace: Man in the moon (Mile after Mile Records)

Emma Black: Last time love (Cornflower Records)

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer: Golden grey (CD Baby)

Lynda Kay: Coal Man (CD Baby)

Peter Mulvey: Are you sure? (Signature Sounds)

Adam James Sorensen: With your radio on (CD Baby)

Sheb Wooley: Hoot Owl Boogie (Bear Family Records)

Johnny Cash: Give my love to Rose (Bear Familiy Records)

Joe Henry: Odetta (Anti)

Drew Nelson: Promised land (Red House Records)

Dale Murray: Dream Mountain Dream (Come Undone Records)

Bananafishbones: I love Country Music (Bergbeat/Südpol)

Nearly Beloved: Where’s Bob? (Attaboy Records)

Lonesome Sisters: Peachtree (Tin Halo Music)

Chris Jones: What you do (Rebel Records)

Chasing Summer: I want you (CD Baby)

Levon Helm: Poor old dirt farmer (Vanguard)

Earl Scruggs: Earl’s breakdown (Palm)

Duane Eddy: I want some lovin’ Baby (Bear Family Records)

Duane Eddy: The girl on Death Row (Bear Family Records) Lee Hazelwood

Mary Ann Kennedy: This love of horses (Tonka Records)

Evie Ladin Band: Got you on my mind (Evil Diane Music)

Mike & Ruthy: My New York City (Humble Abode Music)

Tara Stonecipher: Dogs (CD Baby)

Caroline Doctorow: Way out West (Narrow Lane Records)

Bonnie Guitar: Maybe (Bear Family Records)

Sandra McCracken: Long way home (Towhee Records)

Lindsey Ryan: The divers (CD Baby)

Hillary Reynolds Band: When I’m dreaming (CD Baby)

Pete Seeger: Summertime (Smithsonian Folkways)

2012-03-06 // 15:57


Gillian Welch: Hard Times (Acony Records)

Coyote Grace: To the river (Mile After Mile)

William Elliott Whitmore: Bury your burdens in the ground (Anti)

Cow: Travelling the long road home (Trikont)

Wovenhand: Whistling girl (Glitterhouse)

Winterpills: Small bright doses (Signature Records)

Dianna Corcoran: Wrong girl (Global Records)

The Crystalairs: Bald zieht er seinen Colt (Bear Family)

The Pines: Cry Cry Crow (Red House Records)

Liz Longley: When you’ve got trouble (CD Baby)

Sandra McCracken: On the outside (CD Baby)

Paul Benoit: Ragpickers (Zebadiah Records)

Reverend Schulzz & The Holy Service: Candy thief (Cellarphon Records)

Annis Brander: Grace (Lonely Road Records)

Kath Buckell: Faces do not change (VMM Records)

Karen Dahlstrom: Galena (CD Baby)

Adolph Hofner: For the one I love is you (Bear Family)

Eddie Dean with The Frontiersmen: Impatient Blues (Bear Family)

Charlie Williams: House on a hill (Bear Family)

The James Low Western Front: Thinking California (Union Made)

Tom Waits: Face to the Highway (Anti)

Steve Wacker: The ghost of beauty’s perfume (CD Baby)

Sean Rowe: Time to think (Anti)

Tokyo Rosenthal: Who was that man? (Rock & Socks Records)

Carl Story: I wanna be a railroad man (Bear Family)

Carl Story: Just over in the glory land (Bear Family)

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: I’ll be dreaming of Hawaii (Community Music)

Honor Finnegan: Wonderful world ( CD Baby)

A.A. Bondy: Hiway/Fevers (Fat Possum Records)

The Boss Hoss: My country (Universal)



2012-01-10 // 17:38


Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: Soul of a man (Anti)

The Flutterbies: Hummingbird Heart (CD Baby)

New Country Rehab: State Trooper (NCR)

Israel Nash Gripka: Fool’s gold (Snuggle Pup)

Anna Ternheim: The longer the waiting (Universal)

Lynda Kay: All I ever wanted (CD Baby)

The Dustbowl Revival: That old dustbowl (CD Baby)

The Crooked Jades: Can’t stare down a mountaineer (Jade Note Music)

Jeff Zentner: To speak above the rain (CD Baby)

Kingston Trio: A worried man (Bear Family Records)

Kingston Trio: This land is your land (Bear Family Records)

Bob Dylan: The times they are a-changin’ (Columbia)

Joan Baez: Come from the shadows (A&M Records)

Gregory Alan Isakov: Dandelion wine (Suitcase Town Music)

L/O/N/G: Land of the lost (Glitterhouse)

Kappa Danielson: Red roses always make me blue (Fin Twin Music)

Nadine Carina: The garden (Statt Musik)

John Prine: Illegal smile (Oh Boy Records)

Aselin Debison: Learning to fly ( CD Baby)

Robbing Mary: Glad to be (CD Baby)

Fur Dixon & Steve Werner: Little Paradise (Hemifran)

Simone Stevens: Let me in (BMI)

Tori Sparks: Rain (Glass Mountain Records)

Fiery Blue: Little red shoes (Doubloon Records)

Little Green: Time ‘til Monday (Paraply Records)

Rev Hammer: Springtime in England (CD Baby)

Simon Elvnäs: I will change it all (CD Baby)

The Good Intentions: Coal Miner’s Lament (Boronda Records)

Riders in the sky: Back in the saddle again (Rounder)

Calexico: Drag storm around (Quarterstick Records)

Calexico: The Ride (Part II) (Quarterstick Records) 

Calexico: Arco Chato (Quarterstick Records)

2011-12-17 // 13:18


Merle Haggard: Down on the houseboat (Vanguard)

Trampled by Turtles: Codeine (Banjodad Records)

Trampled by Turtles: Victory (Banjodad Records)

Pieta Brown: I want it back (Red House Records)

Kenny Vaughan: Country music got a hold on me (Sugar Hill Records)

The Gourds: Two sparrows (Vanguard)

Beth Whitney: David (CD Baby)

The Walkabouts: Every river will burn (Glitterhouse)

The Shants: Baton Rouge (CD Baby)

Tom Russell: Goodnight, Juarez (Shout Factory)

Tammy Rochelle: Stranded in nostalgia (CD Baby)

Paul Sachs: Dirty trucks (CD Baby)

Autumn Red: Long way down (CD Baby)

Christina Martin: Daisy (Come Undone Records)

Jim Lauderdale: Cruel wind and rain (Sugar Hill)

Golden Kanine: Came down (Glitterhouse)

Dale Watson: Jonny at the door (Red House Records)

The Black Lillies: Two hearts down (Attack Monkey)

Ray Bonneville: Bad man’s blood (Red House Records)

Marius Müller-Westernhagen: Johnny W. (Warner)

Connie Smith: A heart like you (Sugar Hill)

Crooked Still: It’ll end to soon (Signature Sounds)

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice: Another man’s arms (Rebel Records)

Red Molly: Walk beside me (CD Baby)

Julie Roberts: Alive (Ain’t Skeerd Records)

Willie Nelson: On the road again (live) (Shout Factory)

Willie Nelson: Always on my mind (live) (Shout Factory)

Indigo Girls: Damo (Vanguard)

Mary Gauthier: Goodbye (Razor & Tie)

The Crows: Down on Broadway

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