„Mit Politik kann man keine Kultur machen,
aber vielleicht kann man mit Kultur Politik machen“

Theodor Heuss, 1920

2012-02-08 // 11:26 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

New Specials coming in March

Several new special shows are already planned for March

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2012-01-27 // 11:34 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

New Show

I just put the new show online...

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2012-01-20 // 17:06 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

News from Nuremberg

Great new song by this German-Canadian band

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2012-01-18 // 17:26 by Arndt Peltner

30 years of Da-Da-Da

It's 30 years ago that Trio came out with Da-Da-Da. Just read the interview on Spiegel-Online with Peter Behrens, the drummer of the band...I'm getting old!!!

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2012-01-17 // 07:47 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Learning Deutsch

Learn to speak the language of Goethe and Rammstein online

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2012-01-14 // 19:48 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Carlos Peron

Ex-Yello member in a Radio Goethe spotlight

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2012-01-10 // 20:12 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 1)

The Boss Hoss

First featured Radio Goethe band of the year: THE BOSS HOSS

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