„Mit Politik kann man keine Kultur machen,
aber vielleicht kann man mit Kultur Politik machen“

Theodor Heuss, 1920

2016-03-27 // 16:44 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Dada in San Francisco

The legendary Krautrock formation Faust live in San Francisco.

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2015-12-10 // 18:03 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Four great live albums

Four great live albums: Eisbrecher, Fiddler's Green, Rammstein and the Böhsen Onkelz.

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2015-07-08 // 17:46 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Blind Guardian

The tour dates for the fall South-, Central- and North-America tour were announced:

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2015-04-10 // 17:03 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

New Station for Radio Goethe

The interest in the music scenes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland is still there.

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2015-04-10 // 16:58 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Danielle De Picciotto

Great new album and a live presentation in Los Angeles by this amazing artist from Berlin.

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2015-01-23 // 01:00 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Eisbrecher im Schock-Interview

Promoting a new album without really talking about the release.

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2015-01-14 // 19:38 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

Two new great releases

From Munich across the ocean.

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2014-09-08 // 17:55 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 2)

Der Tag wird kommen

New video by Kettcar singer Marcus Wiebusch.

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2014-09-04 // 16:59 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 1)

I love se Cable Car

THE VIDEO OF THE YEAR! Atze Bauer and his Evergreen.

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2014-06-03 // 03:47 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 0)

The Notwist

Touring the USA and Canada

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