2012-07-04 // 03:03 by Arndt Peltner (comments: 2)

Slick Idiot / Mona Mur

Just talked to Mona Mur and En Esch via Skype. They were sitting in the sweltering heat in Canada, getting ready for their opening concert tomorrow night in Toronto. Slick Idiot have teamed up once again with Mona Mur for a big US/Canada tour, bringing them all over the place. Don't miss these energetic live packages with music from Slick Idiot, En Esch & Mona Mur + old KMFDM songs.

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Comment by lichenplanus | 2012-08-16

That's indeed a great news dude. I am a great fan of Slick Idiot. I am addicted to his music. I will definately not leave the live packages.

Comment by skin tag | 2012-09-06

That's a terrific news guys!!! I truly love the music of Slick Idiot and Mona Mur. I am waiting desperately for this concert at Toronto.