„Mit Politik kann man keine Kultur machen,
aber vielleicht kann man mit Kultur Politik machen“

Theodor Heuss, 1920

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Wilde Flamme

I got a mail from Alex of Eisbrecher today about "Wilde Flamme"

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No rest for KMFDM

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Bernd Kistenmacher

The current show is featuring a little special about the Berlin based musician Bernd Kistenmacher.

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Peat Bog Soldiers

Listen to the story of one of the most important anti-fascist and protest songs of the 20th century.

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Blind Guardian

Interview with singer Hansi Kürsch

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Once again Kraftwerk

Another article about Kraftwerks concert series in New York

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Charles Schulz just had the eye and the intuition for the important things in life.

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Kraftwerk in New York

An article about the concert series in the New York Times

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A Kraftwerk named Rammstein

Two German music giants are coming

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New Show

My ears are ringing....just finished the next show!

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